Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funny how God works!

It is funny how God works. I have been struggling with lots of trials lately, and have been asking God for a little more help than normal. I made a vow at the first of the year that I was going to get more involved in my church, and I have. Little did I know that He would use me as a voice for Him. I have been seeing this lady at church who has just started working at the hospital where I work. She always speaks to me, by my first name and I speak back, but I am sad to say I did not know her name. I even struggled last week in the hall when she introduced me to her husband at church, and I was very thankful that my husband was down the hall talking because I would not have known how to introduce her to him without asking her name, and I felt this would be awkward. Anyway, I saw her at work Wednesday, and she told me she and her husband had decided to join our church. I was hugging her and telling her how proud I was and she told me that her husband had wanted to join for a while, but she was nervous about going down front and standing in front of all those strangers. She said she just did not know if she could do it. I immediately told her I would walk with her if she wanted me to, and her face just went from sad and scared to happy and joyous. As we talked some more she told me that she really had not known if they would fit in our church. I still am not sure what that feeling is about, but I feel like she just needed someone to accept her and make her feel welcome. We have a very large church and a wonderful pastor, but we, as all churches do, have some who hold themselves on a higher ground than others and I feel that she was being intimidated by these. Anyway, after a long conversation of when I could walk with her--we are out of town this weekend and there is another conflict the next week--I feel like she feels she can do it alone now. I found out her name immediately after our conversation, and I made this card for her. The scripture is Phillippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". I am attatching it to a small gift I got her and am taking it to her tomorrow. I wrote a little encouragement in it. I feel like God used me to witness to her to not be afraid. I also learned that if someone takes the time to know who you are then you better take the time to learn who they are. I know that my heart is better for this experience and my spirit is rejuvenated.

The cardstock is Brazzill and the designer paper is from Pebbles Inc. It is the "So Tweet Collection". The stamp and cross are from Papertrey Ink. The buttons are from Doodlebugs. I hope ya'll are having a blessed day. We are going out of town tomorrow for a soccer tourniment and will be gone all weekend. Stay safe, be happy and healthy, hug the ones you love and may God Bless Ya'll!!!!

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