Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I am starting to get in the mood for Christmas. I made this card yesterday using a tutorial from Paper Pleasing Ideas. The card stock for the card base is Pansy Purple. The cardstock for the insert is Outdoor Denim. The layers for the saying are OD and Indian Corn Blue. The background paper is from a winter collection of papers I have had for a long time. The stamps are from the Frosty Friends set and the eyelets are ICB and the brads are PP. The images are colored with my markers in the same colors. All products are Close to My Heart. The snowflakes are buttons I have had. I put liquid glass over the snowflakes on the paper, the scarves and other areas of the stamped images, and the snowflake buttons and I added a little glitter in some areas. This photo does not do this card justice. It really has a little bling to it in person.
I got in late last night from work around 9 and I have to be back about 7 this am. Hubby made it home safe. He and little buddie have gone to stay with his mom. Jack (aka hubby) stays every Friday night with her. We have sitters 24/7, and he and his sister stay 3 nights a week to help with the cost. Gotta go. Take care and God bless ya'll!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hey everyone. Hope all is well. This is a card I made this weekend from the monthly paper kit I received last week. The cardstock, background paper and ribbon came in the kit from Paper Posies. The stamp is from Stampin Up. The brads are this bigger ones from Close to My Heart. Nothing fancy, but I love the colors. Sorry for the crooked scan--I hope someday I will learn to scan straight. Just a quick note to say all is well on the home front. Take care and God bless ya'll.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! We got progress reports today and this little man has his stuff together. Straight A's!!! Lowest grade was 95. The others were 97,98, and 2-99's. I was so excited. We went out to eat at his favorite restaurant and he was going to spend the night with his sister at her house, but he fell asleep and she decided to stay here since he was asleep. I am so proud of him and now I know that what ever that teacher said she is not dampening his spirits. Really, he loves her and I think he is learning a lot in this class. I even have not had any problems with her, their homework, or their projects. We still are not doing half as much as I expected. I may not be on much this weekend. Hubby is coming home Friday night--he's been working on the road 10 days. I also am on call all this weekend, so the chances of working are good. I had my yearly evaluation today and I got the best one I have ever had--I was a little worried about this since I up and quit my management postion and sort of left my boss hanging out on her own. This means I get a nice little raise. Yeah!!!
That's about it for tonight. I should be back tomorrow. Take care and God bless ya'll!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Teachers happy #1

"It's a great day to be alive..." I have been singing this song all day. It has been stuck in my head. The people at work have thought I was crazy. I don't know many more words than that and I keep singing it over and over. Today was really no different than any other. I guess it is just a true saying and I am glad to be alive!! My family is healthy, safe and just great! OH and there is one thing that is really great--Simon's signed papers this week and last were all A's--if you read my ranting several weeks ago about what his teacher said at Open House you will know why I am so happy. Everybody elses grade are great too.

This card is one of a set I made this weekend for Simon's teacher. He asked me to make her some for a happy. This paper came in my new monthly kit from Paper Posies. The flower was also a part of the kit. The brads are the bigger brads from CTMH and the stamp is teacherbella. I made 6 cards and envelopes, 2 of each design. He took them to school yesterday. I will post the others sometime this week.

Thanks for all the comments about Doss and his fish. One comment asked where in Mississippi I live. It is a little town in the delta region called Greenwood. We are about 1 1/2 hours from Jackson and about 3 hours from Memphis. Hope ya'll are well and blessed. Time for me to get little buddie in/out of the shower and study time. Take care and I will see ya'll tomorrow. God bless all!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

OK, this is my oldest, Doss, with his big catfish. This fish weighed 65 pounds and he dove under water and pulled it out. It is called handgrabbing and they put boxes in the rivers around here and the fish bed up in them. They go down and feel for a fish, then they get someone to stand in front of the box and they dive back down and put their hand in it's mouth and pull it out. Is that crazy or what? I will not go and even watch. Doss is the one holding the fish and the other guy is one of his friends who goes with him a lot. I wish they would find some other fun past time. Anyway they love this. There is a season here in Mississippi every year. After they catch the fish they let him go so they can catch him again another day.

Quiet here on the home front. We had a soccer game tonight and lost, but he loves to play and does not seem to be upset about the loss. They have not won a game yet. They did play this team the other day in a scrimmage, and we played much better today than the other day. This is Simon's first year to play. My older kids were big into soccer when they were younger, but he has played basketball, baseball, and tennis only up until this year. He just loves to play. We are not the best by any means, but he has the best attitude. His coach always talks about his spirit and how he comes to every practice and pumps up the team.

Time to study for tests we have tomorrow and get to bed. Take care ya'll and I will post something hand made tomorrow. TTFN and God bless all!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I hope everyone had a blessed weekend and rested. I have been cleaning, started painting Simon's room and card making. I did this little number yesterday. The paper is from the Stylin CTMH paper packet. The stamp is from the Stampin Up set Friendship Flowers. I did my first attempt at faux stitching---I free handed it. I do not have a template to go by. The flower brads are from Picture Perfect Scrapbook Company. I punched the circles with my small round punch and the pink round brads are from CTMH, the bigger size. I love this pink and black combination.

I am settling in for another week. We have a soccer game tomorrow night. After that it is pretty quiet until the weekend and I am on call again Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We have this new thing starting tomorrow at school. The kids will be given a debit card and we will be given a username and password for our child. This will enable us to see what your child is eating each day, and we will be able to know how much money is on the debit card and when we need to send more. We will be able to handle all of it on line. I am excited because I never know what he is eating, and I just send money each Monday. I think last year at the end of the year we had money left over. I know we did. Needless to say they did not refund me or roll it over to this year. We also are starting this year to be able to go on line and keep up with their grades. They have been doing this for about a year and a half, but we have just gotten old enough to be included.

My oldest came home this weekend. He is getting ready to hunt. You will be hearing a lot about him during this time because we will see a lot more of him. He got 3 packages delivered this week and it was all hunting stuff. He is really neat about this hunting. He is very selective about what he will shoot. He has 3-4 cameras in the woods year round. He knows the deer, names them and almost protects them from crazy hunters. He lives and dreams hunting, always has. He videos some of his trips and does commentary with it. He is a really a neat young man--almost said kid, but he is now 22. He always finds time to spend with his little brother when he is home. Somewhere on this computer, I have a picture of him with a 60 pound catfish he hand grabbed last year. I will have to find it and post it. It is impressive.

Well supper is almost ready and the laundry needs to go in the dryer. Have a blessed week ya'll and stay healthy, happy and safe. Please continue to pray for our troop and their families. GOD BLESS YA"LL!!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I cannot believe I planned ahead on something. I am a very last minute person. I seem to do my best when under pressure. Any of you the same???? I have to do teacher snacks next Friday, so I made this card today to go with them. The first pic is the card and the second is the inside. The cardstock and background paper are from CTMH. This is a very old paper packet I have had for several years. I don't believe they make it anymore. The stamps are Stampin Up. They are also very old and not made anymore. I have always loved this combination. The bella is teacherbella. The ribbon is from some blog candy I won a while back. The letters are Bounce from Sizzix. I got them on sale the other day at Creative Express--like $38.00. They have really had some good deals lately.

I spent the day taking it easy. I made some cards and watched football. I am a REAL football fan, probably like it more than my husband. Late this afternoon, I cut my dad's grass and my daughters. Hubby usually does it but he has been home only a day or two lately, so I did it for him. He is used to his 4 day weekends and when his schedule is like it is now, I try to do some of his chores to help. We have a big riding lawn mower so cutting the grass is like easy. My daughter got her grades last week on her first nursing test. SHE PASSED and she also had her vital signs checkoff and she passed that also. I do not believe I have ever seen her as uptight about something as she was these tests. I also do not believe I have ever seen her study as much as she has been. Could we be growing up???

I have been looking at the cards and things on the bellahollics anonymous group photo page and ladies you girls are good!! They are having a VSBN this weekend. The challenges have been really neat and fun. I was to tired from the week to try and participate, but after seeing how much fun they are having I plan to join in on the next one. Guess I better call it a night. I will see ya'll tomorrow. Take care and God bless ya'll.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I am back!!! It has been a very long and tiring week for me. TGIF!!! Last post I was called out to the hospital while I was posting. I worked all night!!!!!!!!! I came home at 8am the next morning and went to bed. Since I lost a day in this week, I feel like I have been a day behind all week. Finally yesterday I got back to normal, and would you believe I had to work last night until 9:30. Supposed to get off at 3, and went in at 7. I have always loved call, but I am not adjusting to it like I thought I would. Anyway, yesterday morning before work, I put this card together. This is some of my new stamping stuff that came in over the past week and a half. The card is from a Close to My Heart paper packet called Sonata. The stamp is musicbella. The colors used are Hollyhock, Spring Iris, Chocolate, and Buttercup. If you are not familiar with CTMH--pink, lavender, brown and a soft yellow. I really love their scrapbook paper. There are lots of new kits in the new winter catty, that just came out in September. The sentiment is from one of there stamp sets-The Music of Life. My little one loves his school music teacher and he has always wanted me to make her some cards. When I saw this paper and stamp set, I knew I had to have it. It just happened that about the time I saw the paper, Stampin Bella came out with Musicbella. Just worked out perfect for me!! The eyelets are CTMH and the ribbon is some I have collected over the years.

I got a sweet email from Kari, the blog candy winner this week. She received the package and was very excited. I hope we will have some of her artwork to show soon. I asked her to send me some pics when she made some stuff with the goodies. Hubby has to work all weekend, so I plan to play with my papers. I hope to have some more things to show tomorrow. TTFN!! God bless ya'll!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Card Candy

Ok, I have a new obsession-Card Candy. They have been doing this on one of the groups I am in. Pat Huntoon started this with our group and they are doing a swap--Here is her site You should go take a look. THe first page is made with Stampin Up's Penguin Pals and GingerBread House. The saying is from another set that I cannot remember the name of, but it is a Stampin Up set also. The packages are from some paper scraps I have and the ribbon is from a swap I was in sometime ago. The second sheet is from Stampin Up's A Merry Little Christmas. The paper is all scraps that I have kept over the years. These are really fun, but addicting.

I have had several people email to check on me this weekend because I had no new blog entries. Thank you all for your concern. I have been on call and when not working I have been doing the above. Oh no!! I have just been called back to the hospital. Talk later. God bless ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I received this card in the mail today from Debbie Daniels. It had stamped images of huggybella in it. We are exchanging stamped images of bellas. She needed some different bellas and had a few of what she wanted, so I sent them to her. She in exchange sent me some of what she had that I did not--neat huh?
The card is soooooo cute. The pic does not do it justice. There is lots of glitter on it. I love shinies!! Thank you Debbie, and if you need anything else let me know.

Hope everyone is fine. We just got in from soccer and finished supper. Little buddie is studying and we will finish the project after he finishes studying. TGIAF--Thank God its almost Friday!!! I am so tired. I had to do another shift this week--10-6--instead of my regular 7-3. I do not like it. Tomorrow is my last day and they want me to come in at 7 tomorrow, but be obligated until 6. We'll see how it goes. Fridays are my favorite days because I work with my favorite doc all day. Well it's project time and I will see ya'll tomorrow---MY STAMPING ORDER CAME IN TODAY--YEAH!!!!! I just do not have time to play with it, but the weekend will be here soon. Maybe then we will see more than just bellas, but I don't know. I sure do like those ladies and gents. God bless all!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I have gone all bella lately. I am going to have to get back into my other stamps soon and make things with them. I have an order coming in tomorrow with new paper, stamps, and embellishments--that should get me going in some other direction, but I just love these bellas. ( I also have an order with new bellas on the way also--ha ha ha!) Speaking of orders, Creative Express really has some good sale items on right now if you use Sizzix. Check it out.

I received a comment from Jo on my blog about what the bellas were. Jo I tried to email you directly, but it would not bring up your email addy, so I will talk with you here. These stamps have been out for several months and they are so cute. There is a bella or fella for just about any role in life. They also have sentiments, borders and other stamps, charms, bling items and acrylic bases for your stamps. I am enclosing the addy below. Emily is the bella mom and she is great. Please go look!!Hope you join the bella craze. If you need me to answer any more questions or want to just talk my email is Oh yea, thanks for visiting my blog!!!!

The card above is from an old Close to My Heart paper packet. The colors are key lime and amethyst. It was a spring kit from about 4 years ago. The bella is stampinbella. As you all know she is paper dolled--I AM going to color one someday--and so is her rolling bag. The ribbon is some I have had for a while and the eyelets are key lime from CTMH.

I am on call tomorrow and little buddie has his first project due Friday so I may not be back on until Friday or Saturday. We have most of the project done, we just have to put it on the poster board. It is about "My Community". We used the Sizzix to make the letters for the title--he loves to do the lever and cut letters out. We have taken some pics, drawn some pics, and cut some out of magazines. This is always a fun time for us. I thought it was due Monday, but I was wrong. I will post a pic when we finish. Time for me to go. My bed is calling me. I wish ya'll the best and may God bless all.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Happy Labor Day to all!! I hope it has been relaxing for ya'll. I have played with my stamps all day. The two cards above are some of my creations today. I used my Close to My Heart paper packet called Let's Get Together. The colors are Buttercup, Breeze, Cranberry, and Garden Green. I love this combination of colors. The stamps are Flowerbella and Sisterhoodabella. I paperdolled the clothes and the hairbow on one---this is a little more challenging than I thought. The brads are from Making Memories, the fibers are from Adornments, the buttons are from S.E.I., and the eyelets are from CTMH. Usually Monday is RAK day on one of the groups I am in, but since the mail did not go out today, they will go out tomorrow to some lucky people. Hope ya'll enjoy.

Well my rib injury had gotten a lot better until I jumped up to answer the phone yesterday. I tripped over a throw pillow that had fallen off the couch. When I tried to get my balance, someone had left their shoes (HUBBY) in the middle of the floor and needless to say---DOWN I WENT!!!!! My hubby tried to catch me (with a cup of coffee in his hand) and you can guess---the coffee went all over both of us. It is kind of funny now, but I was not a happy camper all day yesterday. It is not as bad as it was, but it really hurts. I do not know if I will ever get my little boys room painted. That was today's project--NOT. I hope I will be able to get to it the latter part of this week. I just have to slow down again and let it reheal.

I hope ya'll have a great week and are very blessed. I will be back tomorrow with some more creations. Pray for our soldiers and their families. TTFN!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I know it is a little early for the real beginning of Fall, but it is finally a little cooler today and it put me in the mood. Also all the high school and college football this weekend has gotten me fired up. No matter how hot it gets the cool weather is coming. I am on call this weekend, but I did find time to do this. The base card is Close to my Heart-Barn Red; the background paper is from an old CTMH paper packet called Natures Treasures; the stamp is from Endless-Designs; the ribbon is tan grosgrain and Hunter Green organdy; the sentiment is mine that I printed on the computer. I'll be back soon, must go now.