Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here is a card I did this week. The cardstock and background paper are scraps left over from a monthly kit I receive. The ribbon is a scrap also. The eyelets are from Close to My Heart. The stamp is from Stampin Up. The chipboard piece is from Heidi Swapp. I have just started using chipboard accesories, and I think I am going to be using them a lot more.

I hope ya'll have had a great week. I am so glad Friday is almost here. Hubby is working out of town this week and will be home Saturday he thinks. All the kids are fine. My daughter had a strange thing happen today. She was in her nursing class lab and they were learning techniques of transport, moving, turning patients. She and one of her best friends are in the same lab and they are both small. Their groups picked them to be the patients because they would be easier to move. First thing was the group was going to pull Carre (daughter) up in the bed and when they did they banged her head against the headboard. Next thing they were to do was lift and transport a patient from one bed to a chair. Mauri (best friend) was the patient, and when they went to move her, they dropped her!!! The girls said then, we are not the guinea pigs any longer, some of ya'll can be the patient. She has laughed ever since she got home. Glad they were ok. I believe she is having a good time. Better get to bed. Long day tomorrow. See ya'll later!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life Moment

This is my little one on his first day of 3rd grade. I can take 10,000 pics and that is the smile I am going to get!!! We are 2 weeks into school and all is well. Went to Open House last night, and our teacher put the fear into all. She is making very sure that we should expect our little ones to not do as well as they have been. She made one statement that really got to the point she was trying to make. She was giving all the usual about this year--what days tests were, rules in the class, expectations, projects, extra points, etc.--she kept saying she would give extra credit projects as well as required projects because your child will need them. Then she said, "I just want you to know what 3rd grade is really about--last year in 2nd grade there were 15 students who made all A's all year, last year in 3rd grade there were only 7--I hope you know your little darlings may not be able to do as well this year, so do not expect all A's." I have been through 3rd grade with 2 other of my children. It is a hard grade, responsibility, ownership, growing up kicks in, but I just hope she is not talking to the kids with such negativism, even if it is true. I really think she has some good points in her talk, but I feel like she is expecting them to do bad. Anyway, she asked how homework was going. She said some mother told her she could not believe the amount we were having for the 1st 2 weeks of school, and then she said I am sorry, but this is very light compared to what is coming. I also think the homework has been light. I really expected a lot more already. Well, today I got it. Second poem to learn since we started school, book report--but they are doing that at school and she is reading it to them, Social Studies project all due in the next 10 days.
Ok, enough gabbing about school. Life Moment--we were buying new school shoes the other day, and Simon decided he wanted white. I tried to talk him out of it, because I knew they would be dirty and stained in a few days. We had originally picked out blue ones, but he decided he wanted the white with the red check. After much discussion we were at a stand off. Then out of his mouth--"Momma, don't worry about this, I got it. You just sit over there and look pretty. It's going to be ok" I thought the shoe lady was going to fall off her stool. Long story short--we got gray with blue accents!!! Told him these were in a magazine as the fastest running shoes made. Have a great evening and GOD BLESS ALL!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ok, the winner is Kari!!!! The kids cut up all the names, and then grabbed one out of a bowl. They thought this was so cool---little one especially. Big sis was here. She kept him for me while I went to the school. Kari, please email me so I can get your mailing address and your preferences for the embossing colors. Congratulations and a great big thank you to all for visiting and subscribing. I hope to keep ya'll interested with new and exciting things. TTFN

Ok ya'll, here is the final candy pictures. The ribbon is what I added yesterday. The 1st picture is all the candy combined. I added 3 horizontal tag holders. I make luggage tags with them and a Stampin Up set--In The Sky. This is an older set, but I loved it, and got 2 by accident so I thought you might like it. So here is the total: 1 Level One Paper Packet and Stickease by Close to My Heart
1 pack of chipboard hardware
All the stamped bella images stamped with black ink on
premium white cardstock
All the embossed images on colored cardstock--Winner will get the chance to request which colors they would like. If I have them then you will get what you want, if not I will send as close to what you want as possible.
The altered tin
The mini book
3 horizontal tag holders
A pile of ribbon
The Stampin Up stamp set-In The Sky
I will be home from Open House at school around 8 pm, and the kids are drawing the winner. Good Luck!!!!!! Will post the winner then.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Not a typical Monday. Work was very slow. I started out with a case, and just like usual I started to my room pushing my patient on his stretcher and no help. There were 8 people standing doing nothing. Two were MSW's (mult- skilled workers) who are supposed to be waiting to help us in and out of rooms with our patients. They just sat on their stools, and the other 6 were nurses or nurses in training who just looked at me. I finally said, I cannot push this stretcher by myself, and 1 nurse and 1 MSW offered to help. I am not able to push those heavy stretchers right now by myself. It is so aggrivating!!!! My doc who hurt my rib wrote on the back of my shirt "Please don't squeeze the Charmin-----Signed, Mr. Whipple." He is so crazy. I really did better than I thought I would. I was very careful not to pull or tug on anything that was too heavy.

The card above is a RAK, I sent to someone today. Hope they enjoy. The card stock and background paper is from Close to My Heart. The ribbon is random from my stash. The stamp is Emmybella. The embellishment flower is from a kit I have, and the flower brads are from Picture Perfect Scrapbook Co. Just a little happy to brighten someones day. Today I am adding some ribbbon to the blog candy. Don't forget to post a comment or subscribe to this blog so you will be in the drawing tomorrow. I will post a pic tomorrow of all the candy items with the name of the winner. Take care and be blessed!! TTFN.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Continuation of Pics of Blog Candy Addition

These are the rest of the pics of the 3 x 3 mini album that I am giving away in the blog candy!!! See ya'll later!!!

Another Addition to the Blog Candy

These are some of the images from a 3 x 3 mini album I am including as todays addition to the blog candy. The album and paper are from Close to My Heart, the ribbon, fibers and embellishments are some things I have accumulated over the years. There are 5 more pics I have downloaded, but the file was too large to put in one post. I will add them in another post.

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend. Mine has been pretty quiet. Today I did a lot of stamping. I made a RAK for bellaholicsanonymous, that I will send to someone tomorrow, 4 invitations for a sleepover for a friend's child at work, and a card for a lady who is organizing something for a friend of hers in need. It is a young mother who has been diagnosed with a terrible illness, she is having major surgery in latter September and they do not know if she will make it. They are asking for 12 x 12 pages pre-made, so all the young woman will have to do is put the pictures on them. Her children range from 9 y/o to lap baby. If you are interested in helping out with this, please email me privately We do not have much time to get this in. I am sending a lot tomorrow. Please remember this young family in your thoughts and prayers. Hope ya'll have a great week. I am better and going back to work tomorrow--some restrictions, but I'll be fine. TTFN!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

OK, I am still with us. It has been quite an interesting 2 days. The pain pills work as long as I am still, which if you have not figured out by now is near impossible. I am a work-a-holic. I had so much planned to do this weekend, and it was almost a bust. Hubby and daughter picked up the slack. We did not get Simon's room painted, but they moved some of the furniture out and put his bed, chair, ottoman, and night table in before he got home from school yesterday. I had promised him last week that would happen and I was going crazy because it was not. We will paint next weekend or when I am better. If you are a new reader, Simon is my little one--9 y/0. My daughter, Carre, started nursing school this week. She has been off at college 2 years and living on her own, so I rented her a house to live in, and gave Simon her room to upgrade to. It is a lot larger than his and has a 1/2 bath off it. We are turning Simon's old room into a guest bedroom, or a place for the big kids to sleep if they want to stay home. My oldest son, Doss, also has a place of his own. I feel a lot better, but I just cannot do anything or it hurts. I hope I can make it back to work on Monday. I am so bored. I did a little stamping, but the pills seem to slow down my concentration, and it just is not coming out like I want it to.

I did not post yesterday so I will annouce today what the addition to the blog candy was---I am giving away some embossed sheets of cardstock from my Cuttlebug Folders--The only ones I have are Thanks, Snowflakes, D'vine Swirl, Happy Birthday, and Congrats. I will make some of each one in different colors and include that as part of the candy.

Todays addition is the altered tin in the above photo. I used More to Adore paper and ribbon, Friendship Blessings stamp set--all from Close to My Heart, and Emmybella stamp from Stampin Bella. The tin I bought sometime ago, and had never fixed it. I paperdolled the clothes on Emmybella and used Close to My Heart markers to color in the rest of it. The other pic on this page is the Level One paper packet from Close to My Heart I added the first day of the blog give away. I will post a pic at the end of the give away of all items sent with the blog candy. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers for my recovery. Ya'll are a sweet bunch. See you tomorrow. Oh yea, if there are typos in this writing, plaese forgive. That is another thing with these meds---I cannot type anymore!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

OK blogger buddies. This is todays addition to the blogger candy--sorry not the stamps--But the lucky winner will get 5 stamped images of each one of these stamps. This is my bella/fella collection. Isn't it great!!!!! This post will be short. I went to the doc this morning. I have a seperation of the rib and intercostal muscle. You know this all started from a hug from my favorite doc in the Operating Room. When I came back from vacation, he was playing with me and grabbed me, picked me up and squeezed. Things popped and creaked and it her so bad it almost put me on the floor. I have been trying to shake it off for a week or so, but it just kept getting worse. I called him this morning after the visit and told him no more hugs--just cards, candy and flowers. My doc said no twisting, pulling, lifting, just rest for the next 3-5 days. He wrote me an excuse from work and gave me some strong pain meds. I don't take any medicine, and he said he was sure this would make it where I could not cheat, that I would have to rest. I am sure to be in la la land soon. Take care and thanks for all the prayers and get well wishes. Ya'll are 2 kind. Oh, good note---I have lost 14 pounds since my last check up and my BP is great!!!!!! TTFN

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hey ya'll!!! My new blogger buddy Heidi got her RAK, and she made me feel so good. I sent my swap cards and placed the previous card I wrote about in it. Please go visit her site when you get a chance. It is really good and inspiring. She is hosting a bella/fella card swap. I don't believe all the spots are taken, so go join the fun.

This card is an old one I cased from someone, and I apologize, but I do not know who. If you are reading this and know it is you, please email me so I can give you credit. Their card used the cows in the "Very Punny" Stampin Up set with different colors and circle punches. I used the frog from this same set. The paper is from Close to my Heart, and the ribbon is random. Theirs was much cuter than mine.

Day 2 of the blog candy give away is here. Today I am adding a pack of chipboard hardware from the Undressed Collection by Basic Grey. I will post pics soon of everything, but today has been to busy, and I pulled a muscle or have developed pleurosy in my right chest. I cannot bend over or barely move, so I am not messing with downloading pics tonight. I tried to see my doctor today, but when we got through enough at work for me to leave, he had already left for the day. Bummer!!!! I have an appointment at 8 in the morning. I never go to the doctor. I usually call them and tell them what I think I need, and they will agree with me and call the script in. His receptionist said, oh no, you must really be sick if you want an appointment. It is kind of funny. I worked for him for 6 years as his office nurse, so we are really like family. Don't forget to comment or subscribe to my blog, so you will be in the drawing for the blog candy. TTFN!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WhoooHooo!!!!! I just got in from soccer practice and I have 1017 hits on my blog. Whow, that makes my day. It feels so good to know that somebody out there in cyberspace has enough time and wants to stop and see what I do. This is GREAT!!! I have decided to celebrate my 1000th hit by giving away some blog candy. I will post something everyday for the next 7 days and next Tuesday, the 28th I will randomly draw a winner for all 7 prizes. We have Open House at school, so I will draw when I get home--around 8 pm central time. All you have to do to be in the drawing is to leave a comment on my blog when you visit. Today's item is a Level 1 scrapbooking kit--Let's Get Together-- by Close to My Heart. It has 4- 12 x 12 preprinted layout pages; 2-12 x 12 background duos (1 each of 2 designs); 2-12 X 12 Cardstock sheets (1 each of 2 colors); 1-My stickease sheets; 2- 12 x 12 page protectors. The colors are Breeze-light turquoise; Buttercup- light yellow; Cranberry; Garden Green. This is so much fun!!!

The card above is one I made a while back. The cardstock is some old scraps I was trying to get rid of. I do not have a scalloped punch, but I do have a Sizzix scalloped frame die cut. You can see where the line is for the center to punch out and make the frame. The stamp set is Stampin Up. I really like this color combination and the card. Nothing special, but sweet.

Hope ya'll are having a good week. We were slow today at work, so when we finished around 2, I came on home. I continued to clean out some drawers, and found lots of old pictures. Did more looking that cleaning, but had a grand time remembering those old memories. Gotta go study with little buddy--poem due Thursday, 3 tests Friday---BUT HE LOVES 3rd GRADE!!!!!! Night all.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I ended up not cleaning today, but I did a lot of stamping and card making. This card is going out this week as a RAK. Hope they will enjoy it. It is made from random cardstock from a kit I received in the mail. This background paper is also from the kit, and it is made from MOD (????-don't know who this is). The bella is doggiebella from stampinbella. The flower was in the kit and it is from Pure Passion Petals. The yellow flower is a brad from Picture Perfect Scrapbook Company. The eyelets are from my stock, and the saying is from Close to My Heart. I made some more cards, but cannot post yet. They are for a swap I am in, and I do not want to spoil the surprise. I will post when the swap is over and I can show all I received.

Well, it is school time for real now. My oldest son just left to go back to college. My daughter came over today and she is getting her syllabus together. We made the Wally World trip today to get her some supplies. We also bought the little son a chair and ottoman, along with some throw pillows for his new room. I am not doing good on that deadline of next weekend for it to be finished and him moved in. My daughter starts nursing school tomorrow. Little buddy starts his first real week of school tomorrow. He loves his teacher so far. Keep your fingers crossed. I am still hearing horror stories from parents. It will take us a little while to get organized, but we are off to a good start. Hope ya'll have a great week!! Please continue to pray for our soldiers, the miners, and please keep us in mind. There is a huge hurricane coming into the Gulf. They are expecting it to go toward Texas, but it can turn very easily. The Mississippi Gulf Coast has not recovered at all from Katrina. Please pray that this one breaks up and does not hit anywhere. God bless all. See ya tomorrow on the blog!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good Saturday to all. I have been cleaning out papers and junk from drawers all day. I cannot believe the junk we keep. My hubby would probably die if he knew I was throwing all this stuff away. He keeps everything. I think we had every instruction book on anything we have ever bought. I did not throw his magazines away, although I wanted to. He reads all this stereo and high tech electronic magazines. I bet some of them are 15 years old. Anyway, I did find time to create a little. I used my new fella stamp that I received from Jovialjudi as a RAK. Thanks again Judi!!!! One card is an early Fathers Day that I will use later, and the other is a birthday card for my oldest son. Both are made with random cardstock. The background paper is from My Mind's Eye the Magnolia collection. The stamp is fishafella. The Father's Day sentiment is from an old Stampin Up set--Pheasant Thoughts; the Happy Birthday sentiment is also Stampin Up--Annoucements set. The fibers/ribbon are from Adornments and the brads are some I got in a swap one time. The "Gone Fishing" embellishment is from something I got at The Dollar Tree. Take care and I will see ya'll tomorrow.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is a card I made today for a friend's 15 y/o nephews birthday. He is really into sports. The cardstock and background paper are from a kit from Paper Posies. The letters are chip board from American Crafts. The basketball suit and embellishments are from Keepsake Essentials. I colored the chip board letters with close to cocoa ink from Close to My Heart. The happy birthday stamp is from Stampin Up.

The week is almost over. Hubby has been home for 2 weeks with no work, but they called him yesterday and he left this morning for a week on the road. He is a land surveyor and works with the Corp of Engineers. Things have been slow lately, but they always are this time of year. All my big kids are off at school visiting friends or getting there houses back in order before they start back on Monday. Just me and little one home for the week-end. We are going to clean out his sisters room and paint it. She has moved into a house around the corner from us that my dad owns. She has been off at college for 2 years, and moved home to go to nursing school. She was so used to living by herself, that I rented this house from my dad for her. We are going to put the little one in her old room because it is larger than his. We have gotten the bedspread and accessories and he told her I said she had 5 days to get all her stuff out so I could start fixing it for him. I never said that!! Anyway, he wants a red room and I cannot go there, so I compromised and am going to paint one wall red and the rest a blue grey. I may put a red pinstripe every 6 inches on the long wall, but I just don't know if it will look right or not. I plan on getting the rest of her stuff out Saturday, and start painting Saturday afternooon. I also plan on working on some scrapbook pages from our trip to Florida. That really seems like a lot, but I sure am going to try. I hope ya'll are well. I have got to go play 3 games of Uno with little one before he goes to bed. (nightly school time ritual) Take care and I will see ya'll tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well how ya'll doing night? It's pretty quiet around here. I went to the school with Simon this am, and guess what--We got the teacher everyone says is so bad. He said he did not know why everyone was talking so bad about her, because he really liked her. Out of the mouth of babes--it made me feel so bad because I had let them make me not like her and I do not even know the woman. I felt like a heel!!! He said they say she will make me do a lot of projects, but momma that is what me and you like to do. That is our special time together. I felt a knife stab me and twist to make it worse--I thought how ashamed of myself I should be!!! This kid is very wise for his years. So, I think 3rd grade will be a great year. One of my close friends child is in this class also, and I told her I had an attitude change and that by the end of the year we would be spreading good stories about this teacher instead of bad. She looked at me as if I was crazy, and I just said I will tell you the story later.

This card is one I did a long time ago. The card stock and stamps are Stampin Up. I colored with Stampin Up colored pencils (I think). I cannot even remember the names of the colors because I think they have changed several times since I did this card. I was needing a Get Well card tonight and I thought I would share this before I send it off.

I joined a swap on bellaholicsanonymous tonight. I have not done a swap in months. It is a card swap and not an image swap. I am using causeabella and wineabella. It has just opened, so if you are interested and are a member of the bellaholicsanonymous yahoo group or want to join the group and participate, please do. I think it will be really fun. Heidi is getting it together. Well that's all for tonight. I have a really busy day tomorrow, so I need to get to bed. First full day of school tomorrow---wish us luck!!! TTFN!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well, how's everyone tonight? I'm doing pretty good, really tired. I had to take call again last night because the nurse on call was sick and no one would take it, so I took the night and as usual I had to work. Got home about 11 p.m., and my little one was awake. He said his soccer coach told them to write down the definition of soccer and bring it to practice today. Well needless to say, no one had helped him look it up, so we did it at 11:20 last night. We popped us some popcorn and looked it up on the computer and wrote it down. I think we got to bed about 12:15. I was definitely draggin this am. I have not taken any call in about 6 months, and 2 days /nights in a row, and working some of that time after an 8 hour day really got to me. And to top it all off, my boss asked me to stay late today, and I said no. It is really taking everyone longer than I thought to realize I am not the manager anymore, and I am not going to do all that extra stuff anymore. Today when I got home from work we had to go get new shoes for school--1st day tomorrow!!! I am going to take him to meet his teacher in the morning and then I am going on to work. After the shoes we had soccer practice again, but hubby took him and I stayed home and cooked supper.

A co-worker asked me to make a birthday card for her daughter. I started on it yesterday, and finished it this am before I went to work--no wonder I am so tired!! I had planned to make several cards last night, but that will be tomorrows project. This card is random card stock, background paper and ribbon from a kit I had, the flowers are from my stash. I used Close to My Heart markers to color some of the images. I paperdolled the chair, shirt, and pants from random background paper. It takes a lot of time to paperdoll those tiny clothes, but I think it gives the card character. The Happy Birthday stamp and the inside sentiment are from Close to My Heart. The inside sentiment says:"Hope you have a special day full of joy and fun and play" The girl stamp is PMSabella from stampinbella.

Tomorrow brings no definite thing I have to do except meet teacher and work. We will be in the 3rd grade this year and everyone says it is not a fun year. My oldest did not like 3rd grade and my middle loved it. I think it all has to do with the teacher. There are 3 teachers--one they say is a booggar. Simon says he really does not care who he gets, but the one everyone talks about is #3 on the list!! He says he likes her, but he likes the others better, so we will see. I will let you know tomorrow if we got who he wanted. I better go get him ready for bed and me too. Ya'll have a blessed evening and I will see ya tomorrow.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good evening ya'll. Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Mine was good. The fishing trip yesterday was fun, although it was so hot! Our friend and her son caught some fish and had a great time. As long as they had fun I did not care how hot it was. We have been trying to take them for a while, and I am glad it turned out so well. I took pics, but I did not finish the roll, so I will post them when I do. Today was quiet. We went to church and then out to eat. My big kids got in from Arkansaw safe, and they had a real good time. I finally got some time to work in my stamping room and these cards are the end product. I am on call today and tonight for the operating room, and I had to go and do a case a little while ago. When I got home my daughter had cooked supper for us and that was great. Hopefully the rest of the night will be quiet.

These cards turned out cuter than I thought. The cardstock is some random that I received in a kit. The background paper is by MOD. It also came in the kit. The ribbon and brads are from my stash. The stamps are bellas. If you are not familiar with them, you should go to their They have bellas and fellas. I love these stamps. They have one for almost all personalities. The words and sayings are Close to My Heart stamps.

Well I guess that's all for tonight. I need to get some sleep in case I have to go back to the hospital. God bless ya'll. See ya tomorrow.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I Have Been Tagged

Well I was reading through my comments and saw that I was tagged last week by Yvonne of So here goes:
1. I am married to the first date I ever had in my life--we both went through previous married experiences (HA! HA!), but we ended up together in the end.

2. I love Tootsie Roll Midgets--best friend at work keeps me some in her drawer in case of emergency!

3. I am an only child---SPOILED!!!!

4. I love life--good or bad--I believe there is a lesson and a reason for all of it.

5. My children are my top priority--lived life to the fullest before I had the little rug rats, so I could devote the rest of my life to them.

6. How many of you remember Lassie? The music to the show makes me cry--always has and always will---Loved the show by the way--still need more of those type shows for kids to watch now and things would be better for our young folks.

7. Love animals!! If I had a dollar for every stray I have picked up and nursed back to health, or took to the vet to be cured if it was more than I could do, I would be the richest woman in the world. Always found a home for them also--only kept one and still have that one, her name is Sweetie, and my little boy named her and begged to keep her--understand we already had 2 dogs and 2 cats at the time we found her, but glad we kept her. Her name really fits her.

Ok, I am supposed to be cooking supper, but I need to tag 7 other people so:

1. Jeni from

2. Patti from

3. Tresa from

4. Amy from

5. Susie from

6. Linda from

7. Brenda from

Ok, friends are here and hubby has been back here 5 times to see what is taking me so long to get going!! TTFN!!!

Guess what!!! I got my first RAK today. I got home from work and there it was in the mail. Isn't it cute? Judi Rose (aka jovialjudi) sent it to me. She and I are in the bellahollicsananymous group on Yahoo. We have the same birthday. Is that cool or what? Inside was a little note about our birthdays and a Fishafella stamp. I do not have that stamp, and tomorrow my hubby and I and our little boy are taking a close friend and her family fishing. Hubby (who does not come anywhere close to understanding the stamping thing) thought that stamp was great, and I could take pics and do a scrapbook page with it. THEY DO HAVE GOOD IDEAS SOMETIMES!!!!!

Hope ya'll are having a good day. Mine has been really nice so far. We are having friends over for supper later. Very casual and laid back. My little one has gone to a spend the night birthday party, and my big kids have gone to Arkansas to white water raft for the weekend. My oldest son is 22 today. It seems like yesterday he was just coming into this world. He and one of his best friends have the same birthday, but a year apart. Every year they always do something together. This year a bunch of them decided to go on this trip, and at the last minute some of them backed out because of work and other things, so he called his sister and asked if she and her boyfriend wanted to go. They are really close and always have been. They are only 19 months apart. So anyway they did not have any plans, so they are meeting them in Arkansas. Doss came by last night and we ate supper together, and kind of did the birthday thing, but he did not want his cake until he got back in town Sunday. He loves a Butterfinger Cake--if you have never had one let me know and I will post the recipe. It is delicious!!!--So all are coming home Sunday for a good supper and the cake. Little sister is coming also.

Well I hope to do some stamping and scrapping Sunday after church. I have lots of projects to do now, and I am sure they will bring home pics to do one for each one of them from their trip. Ya'll have a great weekend, and I will see you tomorrow after the big fishing trip. Probably won't last long though, the temp is supposed to be over 100, and the heat index between 105 and 110. Please continue to pray for the miners that are lost , their families, and our soldiers and their families. God bless all!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Well, hey ya'll!!! I'm back. We had a great vacation and ended up staying 2 extra days because it was so much fun. Destin was beautiful and the water was great. There were a lot of jelly fish though. In the 10 years I have been going to Destin, I have never had any of my children get stung until this year. Most of them were small, but they still sting!!! We spent most of our time on the beach, but one day we went to the water park, and another day we rented a pontoon boat and went out to one of the islands in the bay and caught crabs. We cooked out one night, and ate out a couple of nights, and cooked in the others. The pics are a few of what I took--#1 me and my 9 year old; #2 mine in the middle and my friend's kids that went with us on either side; #3 all the big kids--my oldest son to the left and my daughter next to him, her boyfriend next, and a friend of my son's that went with us several years ago, and asked to go back every year since on the right.

Have not had time to make anything since back, but plan to do something this weekend. I hope your week was as pleasent as mine. Take care and I will see ya'll tomorrow.