Friday, December 14, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!! My little one had his 3rd grade play last night and he was Santa. These are some of the fun pictures from the night. The first one is him in his suit. The school supplied the suit, but it fit me. I had to make it fit him. I made him a bolster out of pillows that he could slide on and off. When he got to school for the morning performance, he could not fit in his desk. Check out those bare feet. It was 70 degrees here that morning and he was so hot, but he was a real trooper and did not fuss. He did wear shoes in the play. He looks like he has been squished in a compactor, and made into a miniature Santa. The next pic is an upclose of his face. I love the glasses. The last is him with his elf ( had several elves at first, but they would not learn their parts, so the music teacher fired them, he said) and his reindeer. It was a great play and the kids did wonderful. The title was "40 Winks for Christmas."

Now I can finish my shopping and start cooking. It has really been a hectic week, but the weekend should be calmer. The big kids are out of school, and everyone did wonderful with their grades. We have 1 semester of nursing school down and boy am I glad. Little buddie gets out Tuesday. Mu oldest is home for the holidays and he and Carre's boyfriend are heavy into hunting. We are going out to eat and celebrate exams being over with my daughter in a little while, so I guess I better go for now. I will see ya tomorrow with some cards I am finishing as gifts sets for teachers and friends. Take care and God bless ya'll!!

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Belas Creating Place said...

Oh how cute are these photos?

So much fun...

Have a great holiday, Bela