Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Special Request

I have a special request to ask. I was visiting a blog and saw this link
This is blog candy being given away, but the reason is for a very loving family who needs all our prayers. This is the message that goes along with the candy.
Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blog Candy for a Cause
Well I am new to the blogging world (since July…is that still new?) and I have seen lots of Blog candy out there, so I hope this wets the appetite a little in comparison to the others out there. Instead of just having everyone leave comments to get an entry for the blog candy, I have decided to ask you for something in return…a RAK card for some special people.Recently, my family’s lives have been touched by the plight of some friends of friends (but I am claiming them as our friends now too!). Michael and Alissa Dunn and their son Isaiah were blessed with beautiful twin baby girls on July 4, 2007. The pregnancy went fantastic and the twins were full term without any issues. Madeline Ora and Isabella Grace were wonderful additions to the family. Around the end of August, Michael and Alissa noticed that Maddie’s abdomen was a little swollen and firm, but she was acting completely normal. A few days later at the girl’s 2 month check-up, the pediatrician took one look at Maddie’s abdomen and sent them to the hospital for x-rays. A CAT scan shortly after revealed that Maddie had a large cancerous tumor called neuroblastoma Stage 4S. To give you an idea, this tumor has grown to about the size of a softball in her tiny body.Once checked-in at Children’s Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, the doctors quickly decided to take a look at identical twin Bella. Unfortunately, Bella was also diagnosed with neuroblastoma. According to their doctors, this is only the 9th reported case of twins have neuroblastoma at the same time. Both girls have undergone one round of chemotherapy and are beginning their second. You can see pictures and read their story from their own words at their website: as I hold my son a littler tighter and we pray together for the Lord to lay his healing hand on the ouchies in Maddie’s and Bella’s bellies, I thought it might be nice to let them know that prayers are being said all over the country and maybe the world for these two little girls and their family. As I read the journal entries on their website, I am amazed by the strength and faith that Michael, Alissa, and their families have shown.So I put together a special blog candy in which to get an entry, you need to mail me a RAK card for Maddie & Bella and/or for the family, that I will then place in a shoebox (hopefully I fill it!) and mail to them. So if you have the time, please make a card, sign it with your best wishes, post a picture of it to SCS (if you are able) with keyword bcfac07 so all can see it, and mail it to me. You can get an extra 2 entries if you advertise this Blog Candy for a Cause on your own blog…just make sure to leave me a comment so I can come visit the blog.
I would like all cards to be mailed to me by October 15! So get Crafty!!Thank you all for helping me pray and hopefully lift the spirits of the Dunn Family!Note: If you don’t normally take pictures of your cards or don’t post them to SCS, let me know and I will take a picture of the card when I receive it and post it to SCS.
Mail cards to:
Andrea Vernagus
Blog Candy for a Cause
2797 Warwick Dr.Bloomfield, MI 48304

We in the blogging world can put all our prayers together and bless this family. I cannot imagine one of my children being sick like this, much less two who have just joined this world and so young. Send your cards, thoughts and prayers. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!

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I believe in miracles as well! Thanks for supporting this RAK request!!

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