Thursday, July 12, 2007

A friend of mine has been trying to adopt a child for a long, long time, and about 7 weeks ago my new buddy Noah finally made it to his mom. I made this for her while she was waiting for all the technical stuff to clear. These pics where taken on one of her trips to be with him. Mom and baby are doing fine.
Life is wonderful isn't it!!! I hope ya"ll (got to hear us to really believe we do talk like that down here in the south) have had a great day. Mine has been pretty crummy, but when I was browsing to see what I was going to post tonight I came across this, and my whole outlook changed. We are blessed and no matter how bad it seems, there always is a ray of sunshine out there, we just might have to dig a little deeper some days to find it. God bless all!!!! See ya tomorrow.

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