Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is my bella I did for my self. Everything used is from my random stock. The name was printed off the computer. I did the clothes like paperdolls. I stamped them on background paper and cardstock, then cut them out and stuck them on as if it was a paperdoll. I made myself a set of 10 to use when I needed to send someone a personal note. 2 days til we leave for Florida. I cannot wait. My daughter and her boyfriend are leaving tomorrow and going to the coast and stay with one of his cousins for a couple of days. My oldest son and a friend are leaving Saturday and going to the coast to the casino for a night. I am leaving Saturday and going to Gulf Shores, AL. to visit some friends there for a night. Then we will all meet in Destin on Sunday. We check in Sunday and leave Saturday or Sunday. I have been watching the weather and see no sign of a hurricane yet. Several times when we have gone this late we have had to deal with hurricanes. We have only had to evacuate once, and we drove north and stayed somewhere for 2 days, and then went back to the most beautiful weather. There was a lot of sea weed in the water that time, but it did not stop us from having fun. Please include us in your prayers for a safe journey. The driving is the only thing that bothers me. I am not taking my car, and I am afraid this is going to drive me crazy. We can only have 3 cars for parking, and my friend who is going with us has a van, so we have decided to go in hers. I can drive the kids cars, but I just like mine!!! I will post tomorrow, and then my next post will have lots of fun pics from the trip. I always take too many pics. God Bless Ya'll and have a pleasant night.


Stamp Your Art Out said...

Cute artwork! You've been tagged. Tell us 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 others.

Yvonne Wickenkamp

Denise Bryant said...

I am so lucky to have one of these beauties on my bulletin board. So cute in person!

Heidi Michel said...

Super cute bella. I love making mine with the coordinting paper also. Denise is one lucky gal to have one of these beauties!!!
Great blog and I love the name of it also.

Heidi Michel