Friday, July 20, 2007

OK these are not good pictures, but it will have to do for today. I am trying to learn how to scan and size, but as you see that task is not yet completed. This is a Squash Book I made. The outside covers are the same and the 2nd picture is the inside. The stamp on the front is from Stampin Up and the ribbon is also. The cardstock is Close to my Heart and the background paper is random that I have collected over the years. Just a little fun project I did one rainy afternoon.

Well, the last time we talked I was just beginning the week after I resigned from my position at work. It has been a really good week. The staff is just great and the doctors have been very supportive. They all seem to understand and do not blame me one bit for getting out of the politics. They say I stayed a lot longer than they would have. The staff is still uneasy as to who will replace me, and will that person stand up for them as I did. I feel like it will all work out well.

Plans for the weekend-----get ready to go on vacation!!!! We leave for Florida in 7 days. I cannot wait. We go every summer and it is my time to relax. No hubbies--just me, my kids, a couple of their friends, one of my best friends and her kids. This will be the second year in a row that my friend and her children go. Our children are close to the same age--the little one--and this gives him someone to play with. My big kids take their own cars and after a day at the beach with us, they go do their own thing. It is really a great time. My big kids do the grill cooking and I really do not have to do anything. You know I have a tendency to say my big kids and my little--let me explain son-21; daughter-20; son-9. The little surprise package!!! He is what God gave me to keep me young.

My friend Denise Bryant- has listed me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. I have been trying to put the banner on this site, but that too is a task I have been unable to complete. I am not very computer savy, so if anyone would like to leave advice on how to do it, please leave comment or email me- TIA. Denise just started a new blog at Blogger. Please go check it out!!!!

Well, my friend Jeni- just called and she ordered a Cuttlebug and some embossing folders this week, and the embossing folders came in but not the Cuttlebug, so she is coming over in a little while and use my Cuttlebug with her new folders. Her site is really good also. Please go visit her also. Well I guess I better be going--sorry I got a little long winded!!! Have a great weekend and God bless all !

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