Thursday, September 6, 2007

I received this card in the mail today from Debbie Daniels. It had stamped images of huggybella in it. We are exchanging stamped images of bellas. She needed some different bellas and had a few of what she wanted, so I sent them to her. She in exchange sent me some of what she had that I did not--neat huh?
The card is soooooo cute. The pic does not do it justice. There is lots of glitter on it. I love shinies!! Thank you Debbie, and if you need anything else let me know.

Hope everyone is fine. We just got in from soccer and finished supper. Little buddie is studying and we will finish the project after he finishes studying. TGIAF--Thank God its almost Friday!!! I am so tired. I had to do another shift this week--10-6--instead of my regular 7-3. I do not like it. Tomorrow is my last day and they want me to come in at 7 tomorrow, but be obligated until 6. We'll see how it goes. Fridays are my favorite days because I work with my favorite doc all day. Well it's project time and I will see ya'll tomorrow---MY STAMPING ORDER CAME IN TODAY--YEAH!!!!! I just do not have time to play with it, but the weekend will be here soon. Maybe then we will see more than just bellas, but I don't know. I sure do like those ladies and gents. God bless all!!!!!

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The Queen Of Scrap said...

Your kids are so blessed to have such a great mother! The project is probably great! Have a great Friday!