Wednesday, September 19, 2007


YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! We got progress reports today and this little man has his stuff together. Straight A's!!! Lowest grade was 95. The others were 97,98, and 2-99's. I was so excited. We went out to eat at his favorite restaurant and he was going to spend the night with his sister at her house, but he fell asleep and she decided to stay here since he was asleep. I am so proud of him and now I know that what ever that teacher said she is not dampening his spirits. Really, he loves her and I think he is learning a lot in this class. I even have not had any problems with her, their homework, or their projects. We still are not doing half as much as I expected. I may not be on much this weekend. Hubby is coming home Friday night--he's been working on the road 10 days. I also am on call all this weekend, so the chances of working are good. I had my yearly evaluation today and I got the best one I have ever had--I was a little worried about this since I up and quit my management postion and sort of left my boss hanging out on her own. This means I get a nice little raise. Yeah!!!
That's about it for tonight. I should be back tomorrow. Take care and God bless ya'll!!!!

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Angela said...

Congrats to the little man!! Its great when kids bring home good grades!