Monday, September 17, 2007

OK, this is my oldest, Doss, with his big catfish. This fish weighed 65 pounds and he dove under water and pulled it out. It is called handgrabbing and they put boxes in the rivers around here and the fish bed up in them. They go down and feel for a fish, then they get someone to stand in front of the box and they dive back down and put their hand in it's mouth and pull it out. Is that crazy or what? I will not go and even watch. Doss is the one holding the fish and the other guy is one of his friends who goes with him a lot. I wish they would find some other fun past time. Anyway they love this. There is a season here in Mississippi every year. After they catch the fish they let him go so they can catch him again another day.

Quiet here on the home front. We had a soccer game tonight and lost, but he loves to play and does not seem to be upset about the loss. They have not won a game yet. They did play this team the other day in a scrimmage, and we played much better today than the other day. This is Simon's first year to play. My older kids were big into soccer when they were younger, but he has played basketball, baseball, and tennis only up until this year. He just loves to play. We are not the best by any means, but he has the best attitude. His coach always talks about his spirit and how he comes to every practice and pumps up the team.

Time to study for tests we have tomorrow and get to bed. Take care ya'll and I will post something hand made tomorrow. TTFN and God bless all!!!!


The Queen Of Scrap said...

My kids love the picture of the fish. I read them the caption and they want to come down and do it! Glad Simon is such a good sport! My DD Taylor loves all her sports too! Right now she is playing basketball and soccer too! Good luck on the next game Simon!

amberporter said...

My uncle does this kind of fishing. Creeps me out, especially since sometimes they get their arms all tore up from the fish teeth!! Where are you in Mississippi? I'm originally from there and still have family in Ripley/Tupelo area!

Heidi Michel said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is one GINORMOUS fish!!! I have NEVER in my life saw a catfish that big. Thanks for sharing even though I about pee'd my pants when I 1st saw it. I made the picture bigger just to make sure I was seeing it right... Hee hee!!