Thursday, June 5, 2008


I finished my day stamping. We just finished supper, and I am getting ready to go to bed. I get up on the days I go to work at 4:30, this is my quiet time to drink my coffee, check my email, and just enjoy the silence. They called me from work earlier and told me tomorrow was bad--lots of cases, so I am going to bed soon. I hope ya'lls day has been as pleasent as mine. I did forget to do something earlier when I posted, and that was to highlight 2 new blogs. The first one I have chosen is: I found it today while scoping blogworld. She has some cute, cute stuff. Let her know how good she is doing. Comments are an inspiration!! The next one I chose is: Awesome artwork and creativity. Please go visit and let them know you have been there. I better get going. Take care, be healthy, happy and safe. God bless ya'll!!

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Ceal said...

Wow Patsy! I am so grateful and impressed that you mentioned my blog. Thanks! And I do have to tell you I have subscribed to your blog I enjoy it! Thanks again for your compliment!