Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Wild Bunch

The weather held off and we had a great birthday!! This is the wild bunch. Really they were great. The drive was 1 hour 45 minutes each way, and they were real angels. The water park is so neat. We will be going back before summer ends. Simon had a blast. The first two pics are from the water park, which I do not have a lot of because I left the water proof camera here and only had my digital. The last pic was when we got home. They rolled out of the car and started wrestling in the front yard. I think they bottled up all their energy until we got home. We did the cake and ice cream thing after we got back home. Thanks for all the prayers for great weather and the birthday well wishes. He thought that was so neat that people he did not know where wishing him happy birthday. I will be back later to post a card, but I have to get to work now. Take care, be healthy, be happy, and be safe. God bless ya'll, and have a great day!!

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Jennifer Hodge said...

What a blast, My son is turning 8 on the 23rd! Happy Birthday Simon!