Saturday, May 24, 2008

Inchie Challenge

Boy, have I been slacking on blogging lately!!! I am going to get better!! I AM!!!! I AM!!!! I AM!!! School is out for little one and middle one. Big one gets out in about 3 weeks. Things should slow down. I have been spending most of my downtime lately cleaning and working in the yard. I did get my paper crafting mojo going this week some. The pics are from an inchie challenge I was given from Nina Perrin at Purple Faerie Blog I am a member of her challenge team and there is some great work over there. You should take a peek! The cardstock is from a monthly kit I get from Paper Posies. The designer paper is from cherryArte. The brads are random from my stash, and the stamps are from My Favorite Things It is called Can Ya Dig It. We were to make 3-7 inches--if you do not know what they are, they are squares, circles, or whatever shape that can be no larger than 1 inch. You create on this inch an item that can be used on larger projects as embellishments. The second part of our challenge was to use these in a project, which leads to the last pic. The tin is from Creative Express and the papers are the same. The stamped images were colored with CTMH markers.

I have had a very bad week with internet people. I belong to several yahoo groups, and unfortunately I belong to one that does not follow there name. I am not going to slam them by name, but I will say that there name is _____________friends, but that is not who they really are. I am not a great internet-computer user. I work most of my waking hours, so when I do come home , I like to read and see creations by people who have more time to create than I do. Unfortunately this week, someone had some extra things on this group they wanted to sell, and I needed what they were selling. I hit reply and not paying attention as well as some of these people seemed to think I should, the reply went to the group instead of the individual. This caused a major uproar. I did not respond because I was so mad at what they said to me and the other person involved. I thought these groups were for friends to share things. I do understand that some times 15 people reply to the same comment and it does get a little tiring reading the same things over and over, but me for one--remember a not so computer savy person--has enough sense to delete those repititions. I swear it does not cause calluses on your fingertips to hit the delete buttons. Now, I feel better!! I have decided to delete that group from my list, and only hang out with real friends.

Sorry for the soapbox, but it really hurt my feelings to see the things that were said. I hope ya'll have a great holiday weekend. Be safe and healthy!! God bless ya'll!!!!

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