Friday, August 10, 2007

Guess what!!! I got my first RAK today. I got home from work and there it was in the mail. Isn't it cute? Judi Rose (aka jovialjudi) sent it to me. She and I are in the bellahollicsananymous group on Yahoo. We have the same birthday. Is that cool or what? Inside was a little note about our birthdays and a Fishafella stamp. I do not have that stamp, and tomorrow my hubby and I and our little boy are taking a close friend and her family fishing. Hubby (who does not come anywhere close to understanding the stamping thing) thought that stamp was great, and I could take pics and do a scrapbook page with it. THEY DO HAVE GOOD IDEAS SOMETIMES!!!!!

Hope ya'll are having a good day. Mine has been really nice so far. We are having friends over for supper later. Very casual and laid back. My little one has gone to a spend the night birthday party, and my big kids have gone to Arkansas to white water raft for the weekend. My oldest son is 22 today. It seems like yesterday he was just coming into this world. He and one of his best friends have the same birthday, but a year apart. Every year they always do something together. This year a bunch of them decided to go on this trip, and at the last minute some of them backed out because of work and other things, so he called his sister and asked if she and her boyfriend wanted to go. They are really close and always have been. They are only 19 months apart. So anyway they did not have any plans, so they are meeting them in Arkansas. Doss came by last night and we ate supper together, and kind of did the birthday thing, but he did not want his cake until he got back in town Sunday. He loves a Butterfinger Cake--if you have never had one let me know and I will post the recipe. It is delicious!!!--So all are coming home Sunday for a good supper and the cake. Little sister is coming also.

Well I hope to do some stamping and scrapping Sunday after church. I have lots of projects to do now, and I am sure they will bring home pics to do one for each one of them from their trip. Ya'll have a great weekend, and I will see you tomorrow after the big fishing trip. Probably won't last long though, the temp is supposed to be over 100, and the heat index between 105 and 110. Please continue to pray for the miners that are lost , their families, and our soldiers and their families. God bless all!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with us! It's so fun to read about your life! I LOVE your cards, too! Huge Hugs,
Anjabella Angela