Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well how ya'll doing night? It's pretty quiet around here. I went to the school with Simon this am, and guess what--We got the teacher everyone says is so bad. He said he did not know why everyone was talking so bad about her, because he really liked her. Out of the mouth of babes--it made me feel so bad because I had let them make me not like her and I do not even know the woman. I felt like a heel!!! He said they say she will make me do a lot of projects, but momma that is what me and you like to do. That is our special time together. I felt a knife stab me and twist to make it worse--I thought how ashamed of myself I should be!!! This kid is very wise for his years. So, I think 3rd grade will be a great year. One of my close friends child is in this class also, and I told her I had an attitude change and that by the end of the year we would be spreading good stories about this teacher instead of bad. She looked at me as if I was crazy, and I just said I will tell you the story later.

This card is one I did a long time ago. The card stock and stamps are Stampin Up. I colored with Stampin Up colored pencils (I think). I cannot even remember the names of the colors because I think they have changed several times since I did this card. I was needing a Get Well card tonight and I thought I would share this before I send it off.

I joined a swap on bellaholicsanonymous tonight. I have not done a swap in months. It is a card swap and not an image swap. I am using causeabella and wineabella. It has just opened, so if you are interested and are a member of the bellaholicsanonymous yahoo group or want to join the group and participate, please do. I think it will be really fun. Heidi is getting it together. Well that's all for tonight. I have a really busy day tomorrow, so I need to get to bed. First full day of school tomorrow---wish us luck!!! TTFN!!


Kimberly said...

Ho Patsy,
Thanks for visiting my Angel Blog and subscribing. You most definitely can add me to you links. I will add you to my link list on my Crafty Me blog.
Have a great day!

The Queen Of Scrap said...

I love that you happen to know the name of the set, I really, really need it!