Saturday, November 17, 2007

Boy Scout Treats

Hey ya'll!! I cannot believe it has been a week since I have been on the blog. Busy! Busy! Busy! My friend I help with scouts, called Sunday night (when I was in bed and almost asleep) and said we where having a meeting on Monday and she needed me to come up with a happy for the kids to take to the nursing home on December 6th to give the residents.
She also would like for me to bring an example to the meeting Monday so the other den leaders could see it. (I love her, but she does not work and thinks I don't either apparently) When I got off work Monday I threw this together and they loved it. I got the idea from Dawn Griffith's blog
I am going to stamp some different images and let the kids color them and place them on the candy holder and decorate. We have to make 63. Thankfully I have til December 3rd to get everything stamped, cutout and ready. She is buying the candy and helping me cut the bases out. Anyway the cardstock is from the Close to My Heart-Everlasting Paper Packet, along with the background paper (designer paper). The stamp is from Elzybells, as well as the sentiment. The instructions are:
Cut a piece of cardstock 3 1/4 x 9 5/8. Score at 3, 3 3/8, 6 3/8, 6 3/4. The 3 inch side is the front. Punch 1 3/8 square centered in the other end for your card stock---I used a circle punch. Use adhesive to secure this flap so it will not come undone. Peppermint Patties look great and fit well, but I just had this piece of candy as an example. They are really easy to make. Then you just decorate as you want.
Hope ya'll have been fine. You can tell the holidays are close. My schedule is getting pretty hectic. The kids are all out for Thanksgiving Break. Oldest son hunting, daughter working, and little buddie just enjoying life. My husband is going to be home all week. I am not sure what we are actually doing on Thanksgiving yet. My daddy usually hunts, as well as my boys, and we don't eat until supper. I talked to Jack's sister last night and she does not know what they are going to do. Normally we eat with them at lunch at my mother-in-laws, but she had not thought about it. Unfortunately she waits til the last minute on everything, and I cannot do that. I am going to make our plans and I hope it all works out for everyone. Another thing that puts a kink in everything is that I am on call and cannot get farther than 30 minutes from the hospital. I am sure it will be a blessed day anyway we do it. My family wants me to do a non-traditional meal. They want roast and gravy with mashed potatoes and some other veggies. Banana pudding is the requested dessert for one, cheesecake for another, and anything chocolate for the other. Yep, we are a very diverse family. At least they agree on the main meal, but I like turkey!!! I will probably just cook a turkey breast to go along with the roast. Ok, gotta go. Ole Miss is playing LSU on the tube. We were supposed to go, but decided to stay home and watch on tv. Ya'll have a blessed day and remember to pray for those less fortunate than us, that they will have a blessed Thanksgiving with their families. Also pray for our troops and their families, and hope this will be the last time they will have to spend it apart. God bless ya'll!!

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