Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times

I love the MFT stamps. This card is made with scrap cardstock and background paper I have in my stash. The flowers are from Prima Marketing and the brads are some I got in a swap. The clear baubles are also from a swap. Sorry, I cannot remember who the paper is made by, but I wish I had some more.
Today was a really crummy day. First, I have a terrible cold--my head feels like it is going to burst open. Next, people at work are jerks!! I had a case I was trying to get going this am and everyone was just standing around. I told them to get going because we had a time line to be on and they blew me out of the water and acted like it was my fault because I expected them to work on time. Real jerks!!!! I think I will get in the bed and see if rest will make me feel better. See ya'll tomorrow!! Oh, we did ok on the test!! God Bless Ya'll!!!

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Stacy said...

Great card. I love the designer paper. It is scrumptious. Do you work in the OR? When I read that you were trying to start a case and no one would cooperate, it made me have back flashes from when I worked in the OR. Thank God that is over with. If you ever want to talk shop or just have someone to complain to that understands email me Stacy